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Vision Statement

At ZAR Wellness, my vision is to create a safe and inclusive environment that empowers individuals to thrive and achieve holistic well-being, healing and personal transformation.


I believe in the power of counselling to facilitate deep introspection, enhance self-awareness, and nurture meaningful connections.  You deserve a life full of happiness and I'm committed to helping you find it.

I strive to be a trusted and compassionate partner, providing professional services including counselling (and massage) tailored to meet the individual and diverse needs of my clients. Through these services, I aim to inspire individuals to embrace their unique identities, overcome challenges, and achieve their full potential.

Ultimately, I envision a world where every person has access to compassionate, culturally sensitive, and high-quality mental health supports. I strive to make a lasting impact by empowering individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth, thereby fostering stronger and healthier communities.


Together, we can create a future where emotional well-being is valued, nurtured, and celebrated.

Mission Statement


At ZAR Wellness my mission is to empower individuals to achieve holistic well-being and cultivate meaningful, fulfilling lives.


Through compassionate and personalised counselling, I provide you with a safe and supportive space where you can explore your challenges, thoughts and feelings.  Your insights will identify your needs and shape the processes for positive change.

I am dedicated to promoting mental, emotional, and relational wellness through evidence-based counselling services, psychoeducation, and a wide range of holistic approaches. I strive to meet each client's unique needs, fostering personal growth and resilience to lead fulfilling and balanced lives.

ZAR Wellness is here to accompany you on your path to self-discovery and healing. Together, let us embrace the transformative power of counselling to Realign your Body and Mind.

Core Principles

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  • Respect for Autonomy and Self-Determination of our clients - I acknowledge and support your right to make decisions about your own life and direction of your therapy.

  • Confidentiality - to maintain strict confidentiality, respecting your privacy. I protect your information you share with us during our counselling sessions, unless mandated otherwise by legal or ethical obligations.

  • Respect for Human Dignity - this means that as your Counsellor I must provide each client unconditional positive regard, compassion, non-judgmental attitude, empathy, and trust.

  • Non-judgmental Attitude - I create a safe and non-judgmental environment for you to openly express your thoughts, feelings and experiences without fear of criticism. I foster a climate of acceptance and empathy to facilitate your self-discovery, exploration and growth.

  • Empathy and Understanding - I strive to understand your perspective, experiences and emotions genuinely.  I demonstrate empathy by active listening, acknowledging feelings and validating your experiences.  This empathetic connection enhances our therapeutic relationship and promotes in the healing process.

These core principles, among others, serve as a foundation for ethical and effective counselling practice, ensuring clients receive competent and compassionate support on their journey towards well-being.


  • Honesty - conducting oneself with transparency, truthfulness, and sincerity.

  • Empathy - empathy is not just a technique or skill but a core value that guides our entire therapeutic process to build trust, facilitate healing and empower you to navigate your challenges effectively.

  • Integrity - holding oneself to consistent standards of excellence and responsibility.

  • Collaboration - I believe in a collaborative approach to work together to identify goals and develop strategies.

  • Empowerment - I empower my clients by helping them build resilience, develop skills and discover their strengths to overcome challenges.

  • Respect - treating others and oneself with care, concern, respect and consideration and respect the confidences with which I am entrusted.

  • Ethics - practice within the scope of my skills, competence, education and professional registration.

By upholding these values, I aim to create a therapeutic alliance that supports my clients' journey towards self-discovery, healing and transformation.

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