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Mr Ted the Spoodle

ZAR Wellness Clinic Dog

Mr Ted is a sweet and lovable 3yr old Spoodle who just loves cuddles, and to play in the mud and swim.  ZAR Wellness is located in Mooloolaba, near the waterway, so Mr Ted is able to go for a swim after work - which he just loves.

Mr Ted has helped clients during their counselling journey by just being there, they find patting Mr Ted to be calming and also helps them to regulate themselves. Mr Ted has helped reluctant clients engage with and participate in their therapeutic process.

How dogs help with counseling

Dogs are a calming presence which is particularly helpful to individuals who suffer behavioural problems, anxiety or depression as they help reduce stress levels. Dogs are used in therapy due to their ability to offer love and companionship as they help individuals feel comfortable during their therapy session to explore thoughts and feelings that are difficult to talk about..  Dogs love unconditionally, make us laugh, and help us to feel happy when we’re down.


Some benefits of incorporating a dog in counselling include:

  • Emotional Support

  • Bonding and Trust

  • Stress Reduction

  • Enhancing Communication

  • Promoting Mindfulness

  • Coping Skills and Emotional Regulation

Cuddling a dog stimulates the brain’s production of Oxytocin (the "love and happiness" drug) in both the client and Mr Ted, and is associated with feelings of trust, empathy and a strong bond which helps support emotional well-being.

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